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Your home for where curiosity meets implementation. Every week, harness live intelligence from the field, refine your skills, and stay ahead of the curve. 

AI Mastery, One Week at a Time

The Path of the AI Explorer

  • Core Skills Acquired: Jumpstart your AI journey with fundamental skills.
  • Community Driven: Engage with a network dedicated to growth.
  • Weekly Learning: Stay updated with AI trends through live sessions.

The Path of the AI Architect

  • Project-Driven: Apply your skills in real-world AI projects.
  • Archive Access: Dive into a wealth of past projects to accelerate learning.
  • Expanded Resources: Advanced materials for deepened AI exploration.

Why This Approach?

AI is not a static field; it’s a landscape that demands different tools for different terrains. The AI Explorer and AI Architect paths represent our belief in growth through staged learning – start with understanding, then move to doing. It’s about giving you not just the pieces but also the blueprint to build your vision in the AI era.

    Kyle has the gift of explaining things in a simple and engaging way without ever making it boring. His passion for the topic is infectious and he's constantly improving his knowledge by staying current with the latest developments in AI and automation.

    Kyle is definitely the kind of coach you want if you want to streamline your workflow.

    Andrea Mattiello

    Kyle provided insights that enhanced not only my understanding but also the detailing and structuring of my meta-prompt for better AI results. Although his expertise in AI and prompt engineering was evident from our first interaction, it was his dedication and enthusiasm for teaching that profoundly enriched my learning experience. Thank you, Kyle, for being an incredible coach. I am eager to continue applying what you've taught me and look forward to delving deeper into this dynamic field.

    Imelda Garcia-Lopez

    If you actually want to start USING and learning AI and automation tools- Kyle Behrend is the best person for the job! I’ve had many conversations with other AI officiandos and they are mainly centered around very big, hypothetical AI scenarios. Kyle actually puts AI into daily use in the most creative (and extremely useful!) ways I’ve seen. He’s a master automator and is so passionate about making smart solutions. I am SO fortunate I found Kyle to help me not drown in all of the AI hype but really make some exciting things that will help me for years to come!

    Victoria Winter

    I had a 1:1 session with Kyle, which was incredibly helpful. His knowledge of Make and his ability to simplify complex concepts allowed me to quickly resolve my issue! He unlocked my process making it scalable. His patience and dedication were remarkable. Thanks Kyle!

    Lucas De Benedetti

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Why The AI Coach? 

In a world where AI is evolving at an unprecedented pace, we find ourselves at the precipice of a remarkable opportunity. By leveraging AI’s potential, we can revolutionize our personal and professional lives, unlocking new levels of productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. 

The AI Coach is my way of guiding you along this transformative journey, providing distinct paths tailored to your unique position on the AI learning curve. Whether you’re an curious explorer or a seasoned architect, The AI Coach is here to support you every step of the way, ensuring that you not only stay ahead of the curve but also harness the full potential of AI to propel your growth and success.

Behind The AI Coach

Welcome, I'm Kyle Behrend, your guide to the transformative world of AI. With expertise in AI, automations and systems, I help individuals harness the power of artificial intelligence to elevate their work and life. My approach blends personalised coaching with practical tools, empowering you to streamline processes and unleash creativity. Join me in exploring AI's potential to make a lasting, positive impact on your daily endeavors.

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Mastering the Art of Prompting: A Continuous Journey

Leveraging AI is a skill that requires ongoing refinement and evolution. Just as language and communication are ever-changing, so too must our approach to using AI. The certificates displayed below are a testament to my commitment to this iterative process, having completed courses that delve deep into the intricacies of prompt crafting.